We are Bhardwaj Pushkarna Brahmins, basically belong to Jaisalmer(Rajasthan). “Acharya” the honor conferred to us by the Maharaja of Jaisalmer. From Jaisalmer, our ancestors shifted to Multan. My grand father Late Shri Gauri Shanker Acharya was renowned Astrologer of Multan and was one of the astrologers involved in writing the book on astrology “Ranvir Jyotish Maha Nibandh” In the name of Maharaja of Kashmir Shri Maharaja Ranvir Singh. Pandit Gauri Shanker Acharya has founded an Organization called Shri Bhardwaj Jyotish Karyalaya around 125 years back.

He used to make his own Panchang which now a days is being compiled through computers. That was the era when even calculators also were not available.

It was further promoted by two great astrologers of Delhi & Bombay Shri Shyam Sunder Acharya & Shri Bal Mukund Acharya, the proud sons of Shri Gauri Shanker Acharya. Late Shri Gauri Shanker Acharya was so renowned that when he died, it became the news headlines in local newspaper of Multan. It makes up a long journey for me to explain the varied dimensions of astrology. Right from childhood, I often see my father and elder parental uncle offer advises to various clients. They were both renowned for their prophecies, not only in Delhi and Bombay but in other parts of India and abroad. I had great admiration’s for their power and respect commanded by them in the society and amongst the people of India and abroad. As I wanted to do a different profession, I did my science graduation from university of Bombay and become marketing personnel. During my profession I started predicting about various people, which came correct. I started believing more in me that I can become an astrologer. Now I believe that it was destiny to become an astrologer. For me as I have some scientific background, in the beginning I spent some years to understand Astrology, Gemology, Yantras, Mantras and Tantras and many other ancient Indian treatises served as a fascinating cornucopia which I explored with an increasing clientele whose are my followers today.

Astro – Science Research organization, New Delhi has honored me for my astrological achievements. I started providing astro – consultations to solve problems of my clients. The astrological guidance can change your destiny, if consulted at right time through right professional. The right code of conduct with the right method   is performed. It can add success whether in Business, Marriage, Carrier, Money matters or even life. I strongly believe in the Indian tenets, which says that your karma of previous births determines the present. On the whole the events of our life are predetermined by the combination of planets positioning at the time of conception and time of birth now can my astrological guidance change your destiny? No, but the right remedy like chanting of mantras, wearing particular Gemstones or wearing a particular Rudraksha, a combination of other remedial steps taken for diminishing adverse effects of planets & stars in your horoscope which can bring back pleasure in your life. These have practically been prescribed to various clients in India and abroad who have immensely been benefited and have changed their life considerably. Through study of various Vedic and ancient books on astrology I successfully experimented different combinations of Gems and Rudraksha giving tremendous and effective healing touch to sufferings of people from different walks of life.

Our Mission 

Shri Bhardwaj Jyotish Karyalaya and Chandranshu Gems & Jewels are dedicated to help the masses to drive away their suffering and sins. We are dedicated for supplying quality religious Rudrakshas, Gems and other religious products properly blessed by Vedic mantras by Vedic priests in traditional manner as described in the religious texts. These items are supplied at a reasonable price for the benefits of the humanity and society.

Our prime mission is to utilize our knowledge of Rudrakshas & Gems Therapy with the people and to educate them, so that they can use these products to heal and empower themselves according to the rituals mentioned in our holy texts and scientific researches.

To distribute Rudrakshas & Gems Stones at a reasonable cost for the upliftment and benefits of mankind, utmost care is maintained for the quality and sanctity of beads and stones. Gem stones are being certified by prominent laboratories avoiding possibilities of any spurious and duplicate Gems. By this clients get value for their money, this also helps in clients getting effective and desired results from Gems, Stones and Rudrakshas.

Our associate concern ‘Chandranshu Gems & Jewels’ is being run and operated by Mr. Deevanshu Acharya, who has completed his B.Tech (Electronics & Communication) and has done extensive courses in Diamond and its grading, Gems & Colored Stones identification from Indian Institute of Gemology, New Delhi which has provided him impetus on selection of quality Gems & Stones with their purity levels for getting optimum effectiveness for the clients wearing these Gems & Stones.
 Our Vision 
Our main aim and vision for future is to explore research possibilities of adopting different combinations of Rudraksha coupled with gemstones for neutralizing,reducing,eliminating malefic and negative effects of stars adversities and make them available to common man at affordable cost. As some of gemstones are pretty costly and common man is not in a position to afford the same. This will help us to serve the humanity as we would like to reduce their sufferings by offering them effective combinations at a price which should be with in their reach. This will also help in propagating and popularizing utility, effectiveness of Rudraksha and gemstones.
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