Lord Shiva is known as Rudra, Mahadev, Pashupatinathji, Vishwanath, Bhairava, Mahakaal, Bholenath, Rudra is the Rigvedic name of Lord Shiva.

Shiva is Shakti in Hindu trinity god, is Generator, Organizer and Destructer. God Brahma is Creator. God Vishnu the Preserver and Organizer and God Shiva is Destructer.

In Hindu Temple Lord Shiva is normally found as a linga. This represents the Shiva and Shakti together producing the energies necessary for life, both the microcosmic & the microcosmic levels, i.e. the world in which we live (our planet) and the world which constitute the whole of the universe. The Linga is placed in the center underneath the spire, where it symbolizes the naval of the earth (the center). The real image of Shiva is different from other deities, his hair piled high on the top of his head and the holy river Ganges tumbling from his hairs, washing away the sins of mankind, moon on the forehead representing time (Kala’s). Around on his neck is a coiled snake representing Kundalini, the spiritual energy of life controlling all the chakras of human body. Shiva holds a trident in left hand controlling Bhu, Bhuwa and Swahalok, i.e. Dharti, Aakash and Paatal lok. He sits on a tiger skin. The ornaments what he wears are Rudrakshas. He wears Rudrakshas in his Jata, in wrist, on arms and also in neck as a symbol of power.

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